Puppy Club

From Concept to Canine Reality


Awesonova, a company dedicated to crafting captivating digital experiences, approached us with a visionary project: Puppy Club. In this case study, we explore how we transformed Awesonova's concept into a fully-realized digital product, including a gaming application targeted at children aged 4-7. Our journey began with a strong market demand for a puppy-themed gaming app and a well-defined concept, laying the foundation for an exciting creative collaboration.


  1. Concept Realization: Awesonova had spent years conceptualizing Puppy Club but needed a partner to bring their vision to life.
  2. Brand Alignment: It was crucial to ensure that the final product not only delivered an engaging experience but also aligned with Awesonova's brand and the vision they had for Puppy Club.
  3. Multichannel Presence: Besides the gaming app, our team had to create a website for Puppy Club and launch a social media campaign to generate buzz and excitement around the game's release.

Our Comprehensive Solution

Our approach included the development of the Puppy Club gaming application, a user-friendly website, and a well-executed social media launch campaign. We collaborated closely with Awesonova throughout the project to ensure every aspect aligned with their vision.

Discovery and Research

During the Discovery phase, we delved deep into the concept, recognizing the market demand for a puppy-themed gaming application catering to young children. This insight informed our subsequent creative process.

Gaming Application Development

The core of our mission was to transform Awesonova's vision into a fully-realized gaming application. This involved translating the game's storyline, character IP, and foundational elements into a fun and engaging experience for children aged 4-7.

Brand-Aligned Experience

We worked closely with Awesonova to ensure the final product not only met the criteria for fun and engagement but also resonated with their brand values and vision for Puppy Club.

Website Creation

In addition to the gaming app, we designed and developed a website for Puppy Club. This provided a seamless experience for users, connecting them to the game and enhancing their overall interaction with the brand.

Social Media Campaign

To build anticipation and excitement, we crafted a social media launch campaign that effectively spread the word about Puppy Club and generated buzz ahead of the game's release. This campaign engaged with the target audience, promoting the game's features and benefits.


The collaborative effort between our team and Awesonova resulted in a successful launch for Puppy Club, making it a standout success.

  1. Concept Realization: Awesonova's long-held vision for Puppy Club was brilliantly transformed into a fully-realized digital product.
  2. Brand Consistency: The final product perfectly aligned with Awesonova's brand and vision, ensuring a coherent and captivating user experience.
  3. Multichannel Presence: The website and social media campaign successfully complemented the gaming app, creating a comprehensive digital presence for Puppy Club.
  4. Market Impact: Puppy Club quickly gained traction in the gaming world, catering to the strong market demand for a puppy-themed app for children.


The journey of bringing Puppy Club to life serves as a testament to the potential of collaboration in realizing creative visions. By combining a well-executed gaming app with a brand-aligned website and an effective social media campaign, we transformed Awesonova's vision into a market success. This case study underscores the importance of creativity, collaboration, and multichannel engagement in the world of digital experience development.

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