Visual Experiences for Ambitious Brands

Vuelab transforms brand narratives into captivating video and digital experiences.

We're a seasoned digital studio collaborating with B2B and B2C sales, marketing, and creative leaders to infuse depth, dimension, and purpose into their narratives across all platforms.

Content Development

Our creative services team boasts over 30 years in content production, collaborating with brands of all sizes, from startups to enterprises, to conceive and craft compelling visual narratives across various media platforms. Our video production expertise spans:

  • Explainer Videos
  • Product Animations
  • Live Action Production

Digital Development

Our digital team relishes creative challenges, partnering with brands to create visually appealing and functional digital tools that enhance consumer engagement, convey product narratives, and drive sales. Our expertise encompasses:

  • Website Development
  • Lead Generation
  • Custom Applications

A Partner for All: Startups to Enterprises

The Vuelab team are experts at turning our ideas into engaging visuals.

Roydon Turner

Founder All Good Co.


Sondermind, a prominent wellness solution, embarked on a mission to reshape its online presence and streamline the journey for individuals seeking therapy through its MatchFlow system. Vuelab spearheaded this transformative initiative, orchestrating a seamless collaboration across various Sondermind departments to rebuild the website and elevate the overall user experience.

Hello Nuvue

Nuvue, a dynamic startup in the presentation management sector, embarked on a journey to create their web-based application and establish a distinctive brand identity. Our collaboration with Nuvue began in 2020, and since then, we have been their development partner for two iterations of their React-based technology platform. In addition to development and maintenance, we've played a pivotal role in shaping their brand and online presence, fostering growth through various marketing initiatives.

Questions, anyone?

We value transparency, here are common FAQs.

What is the usual scale of projects you handle?

We tackle projects of all shapes and sizes, serving clients from startups to enterprise-level companies. While we don't have a minimum project size, we meticulously assess each one to ensure it aligns with our organization's strengths. We only take on projects that we're confident we can excel in, ensuring a home run for our clients.

What's the pricing structure for your services?

Our billing rate for content creation is $200 per hour. Creative tasks can be challenging to price accurately, so after we thoroughly understand your creative needs, we offer you an estimated price range for your specific task. For development projects, we provide detailed, customized quotes for the tasks involved. While profitability is important to us, our primary objective is to maintain fairness, deliver high-quality work, and offer competitive pricing

What's the average duration for content creation projects?

Pricing varies depending on the specific project, but as a general guideline, our content creation process typically spans from ideation to delivery in 3-6 weeks. Our adaptable model is designed to accommodate rush projects, allowing us to scale our resources to meet your urgent deadlines

What's the average duration for development projects?

Development projects usually entail longer timelines in contrast to content creation. On average, our turnaround time falls within the 3 to 5 months range, varying based on the project's complexity. It's worth noting that all development projects undergo a thorough design and prototyping phase before any coding commences.

What's the team size like at your company?

We intentionally keep our team small, with fewer than 10 members. As a remote-based company, we harness our network of talent to allocate the perfect resources for each project. Nevertheless, all aspects of creative ideation and project management are expertly handled by our in-house team.

Have a Project?

Don't hesitate—share your upcoming creative needs with us. During our call, we'll evaluate your requirements, offer options, and showcase examples of our previous work. At the very least, you'll gain valuable insights on how to approach your projects, even if you decide not to collaborate with us.