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Illuminating Energy Efficiency: A Digital Education Experience for Con Edison


Con Edison, the nation's largest energy company, sought a digital solution to educate New York City building managers on energy efficiency and cost-saving incentives while promoting enrollment in their Demand Response program. In this case study, we unveil the journey of addressing Con Edison's challenges and the development of an innovative 3D learning center designed to transform them into a technological leader and the primary source of energy-related information.


  1. Visibility as a Technological Leader: Despite being an industry giant, Con Edison faced challenges in being recognized as a technological leader and the primary source for energy-related information.
  2. Educating Building Managers: Con Edison aimed to educate NYC building managers on energy efficiency and incentives to encourage enrollment in their Demand Response program.

Our Comprehensive Solution

Our solution involved creating a cutting-edge, interactive, 3D learning center tailored to NYC building managers. This self-guided experience was designed to showcase Con Edison's expertise, industry knowledge, and energy solutions while being a valuable resource for its audience.

Discovery and Research

We began our journey by conducting thorough investigations to understand Con Edison's challenges. This research uncovered their need to establish a stronger digital presence and reputation as a technological leader in the energy sector.

3D Learning Center

The centerpiece of our solution was the development of a fully interactive 3D learning center. Tailored specifically for NYC building managers, this digital space offered a self-guided, immersive learning experience.

Compelling Visuals and Education Resources

The 3D learning center was rich in compelling visuals and educational resources, making complex energy efficiency concepts easy to grasp. These visuals reinforced Con Edison's commitment to innovation and provided valuable insights.

Smart Calculators

To showcase Con Edison's ability to provide energy solutions for any situation, we incorporated smart calculators that allowed users to simulate potential cost savings and benefits of participating in the Demand Response program.


The implementation of our solution had a profound impact on Con Edison's digital presence and their engagement with NYC building managers.

  1. Technological Leadership: Con Edison transformed into a recognized technological leader in the energy sector, showcasing its innovation and expertise.
  2. Educated Audience: The 3D learning center effectively educated building managers on energy efficiency and cost-saving incentives, encouraging them to enroll in the Demand Response program.
  3. Comprehensive Resource: The learning center became a one-stop resource for energy-related information, strengthening Con Edison's position as an industry authority.


The development of the 3D learning center is a testament to the power of innovative digital solutions in the energy sector. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and compelling visuals, Con Edison not only educated its target audience but also established itself as a technological leader and the go-to source for energy-related information. This case study emphasizes the transformative potential of digital experiences in building industry authority and educating key stakeholders.

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