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SOCi's Digital Transformation: A Website Development Case Study


SOCi, a renowned provider of social management platforms, embarked on a journey to create a corporate website that would effectively showcase their solutions, generate high-quality leads, and attract top talent. In this case study, we delve into how we helped SOCi align their digital presence with their evolving brand and redefined solutions, and how we transformed their website into a versatile hub that catered to multiple audience segments while optimizing lead generation.


  1. Brand Alignment: SOCi's existing website did not reflect their new brand and failed to convey their redefined range of solutions accurately.
  2. User Experience: The previous website required an improved user experience to accommodate various audience segments, organize content efficiently, and enhance lead generation.

Our Comprehensive Solution

To address SOCi's challenges, our team devised a comprehensive solution that involved not only creating a new website but also overhauling the user experience, enhancing the visual aesthetics, and optimizing lead generation.

Discovery and Research

Our journey began with discovery sessions to understand SOCi's brand evolution and their audience's needs. We identified the need for a user-friendly website that could accommodate various audience segments and streamline content discovery.

Website Architecture

We proposed a website architecture built around SOCi's Presence, Care & Growth solutions, ensuring that these core offerings were at the forefront of the site. The architecture aimed to make it easy for visitors to find content relevant to their specific business needs.

Visual Aesthetics

Working closely with SOCi's team, we undertook a complete visual overhaul, aligning the website's look and feel perfectly with SOCi's brand and company culture. The new design resonated with the target audience while staying true to SOCi's brand values.

Lead Generation Funnel

Our team implemented lead-generation funnels to capture and nurture quality leads effectively. We optimized the lead-generation process through compelling calls-to-action, strategically designed landing pages, and user-friendly contact forms.


The collaboration between our team and SOCi led to significant improvements in the website's performance and user engagement.

  1. Brand Consistency: The revamped website now perfectly aligns with SOCi's evolving brand identity, effectively conveying their redefined solutions.
  2. Enhanced User Experience: The improved user experience accommodates multiple audience segments and helps visitors easily find the information they need.
  3. Aesthetically Pleasing Design: The new design resonates with SOCi's target audience and reflects the company's brand values, making a lasting impression.
  4. Effective Lead Generation: The implemented lead-generation strategies have proven successful in capturing quality leads and nurturing them through the sales funnel.


The transformation of SOCi's corporate website serves as a testament to the impact of a well-executed website development project. By aligning the digital presence with SOCi's evolving brand, enhancing user experience, and optimizing lead generation, we enabled SOCi to effectively showcase their solutions and reach their goals. This case study highlights the importance of adaptability in the ever-evolving digital landscape, emphasizing user-centric design and lead-generation strategies to achieve digital success.

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