Revolutionizing Client Prospecting: SOCi's Social Health Check Tool


SOCi, a prominent provider of social media management platforms, recognized the need for a more efficient client prospecting tool for their sales team. In this case study, we unveil the development of the Social Health Check, an automated social audit tool that significantly reduced prospecting time, integrated seamlessly into the Salesforce pipeline, and provided visually compelling reports to empower the sales team's client engagement efforts.


  1. Inefficient Prospecting Process: SOCi's sales team was spending a substantial amount of time manually identifying prospective clients, with the process taking up to three hours per prospect. This was not only time-consuming but also lacked a visually appealing and efficient workflow.

Our Comprehensive Solution

Our solution involved the development of the Social Health Check, an automated social audit tool that streamlined the prospecting process and delivered visually appealing reports to empower SOCi's sales team.

Discovery Phase

The journey began with a thorough discovery phase, highlighting the inefficiencies in the prospecting process. This phase revealed the need for a more efficient, time-saving solution.

Social Health Check

The Social Health Check leveraged Facebook's public API to scrape key qualifiers necessary for identifying prospective clients. This automated process reduced SOCi's prospecting time by a staggering 90%, allowing the sales team to allocate more time to engaging with potential clients and closing deals.

Seamless Integration

The tool was seamlessly integrated into SOCi's Salesforce pipeline, ensuring a smooth workflow and accurate tracking of leads. This integration eliminated manual data entry and improved lead management.

Visual Appeal and Reporting

In addition to improving efficiency, the Social Health Check focused on delivering findings in a visually appealing manner. The tool generated reports that were not only easy to understand but also visually compelling, equipping the sales team with the information needed to engage with prospective clients more effectively.


The implementation of the Social Health Check tool brought significant benefits to SOCi's prospecting and sales processes.

  1. Efficiency: Prospect identification time was reduced by 90%, enabling the sales team to focus on more critical activities.
  2. Seamless Integration: Integration with Salesforce improved lead tracking and management.
  3. Visual Appeal: The visually compelling reports empowered the sales team with valuable insights to engage prospective clients more effectively.


The development of the Social Health Check tool exemplifies the transformative potential of automation in the prospecting process. By significantly reducing prospecting time and providing visually appealing reports, SOCi streamlined their sales workflow, enabling their team to focus on what matters most—engaging with potential clients and closing deals. This case study underscores the value of efficient and visually appealing solutions in client prospecting and engagement.

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