Nurtured in creativity,
thriving in digital,
driven by storytelling

Vuelab stands out as a genuinely distinctive production studio because we don't confine ourselves to a single specialty. We thrive on challenges that not only foster our company's growth but also nurture our creative individuals.

Our path to this moment has been an exhilarating rollercoaster of experimentation and adventure, shaping us into a production studio that truly thinks differently.

Fueled by a Resolve to Solve

Countless creative service companies claim this, but only a few deliver.

Discover Your Story

In our initial step, we dive deep into your narrative's purpose. We familiarize ourselves with your products and services, gaining insights to effectively convey your story with striking visuals.

Architect Your Story

Building upon our understanding of your story's essence, we craft a tailor-made design blueprint. This blueprint serves as our guide for effectively conveying your message with depth and dimension.

Bring Your Story to Life

Prepare for a transformative experience as captivating content, dynamic visuals, and digital innovations come together to reshape how your organization presents its products and services.

Small but mighty

When collaborating with us, one of the two individuals below spearheads your project creatively, while we tap into our extensive network of talent for flawless execution.

Tim Dingersen
Creative Director

Tim is our creative visionary, overseeing all things creative and spearheading most of the studio's high-level project management on a daily basis. His genuine passion lies in ideation and concept development, where he excels at guiding brands to solve intricate business objectives through visual design.

Jason Tordsen
Technical Director

Jason, our Code Maestro, excels in all things code-related and happens to be a pretty darn good designer too. He embodies the true definition of a full-stack developer and is always at the forefront of exploring new and emerging technologies, which is what makes him such a formidable force in the development world.