Building Digital Bridges to Business Success

We're more than developers. We're thinkers, problem solvers, and creative-minded individuals with a singular aim: to elevate your product's visual appeal and build a digital gateway for your growth.


Sondermind, a prominent wellness solution, embarked on a mission to reshape its online presence and streamline the journey for individuals seeking therapy through its MatchFlow system. Vuelab spearheaded this transformative initiative, orchestrating a seamless collaboration across various Sondermind departments to rebuild the website and elevate the overall user experience.

Meet SOCi

SOCi, a renowned provider of social management platforms, embarked on a journey to create a corporate website that would effectively showcase their solutions, generate high-quality leads, and attract top talent. In this case study, we delve into how we helped SOCi align their digital presence with their evolving brand and redefined solutions, and how we transformed their website into a versatile hub that catered to multiple audience segments while optimizing lead generation.


GroundTruth, a leading provider of location technology services and platforms, faced the challenge of conveying the unique value of their offerings in a fiercely competitive landscape. To address this, our team embarked on a mission to revamp their corporate website, creating a powerful online presence that would effectively communicate GroundTruth's capabilities to potential clients. This case study details the journey of how we transformed GroundTruth's online presence to differentiate their brand identity and provide visitors with a comprehensive understanding of their technology and its potential benefits.

Con Edison

Con Edison, the nation's largest energy company, sought a digital solution to educate New York City building managers on energy efficiency and cost-saving incentives while promoting enrollment in their Demand Response program. In this case study, we unveil the journey of addressing Con Edison's challenges and the development of an innovative 3D learning center designed to transform them into a technological leader and the primary source of energy-related information.


Nuvue, a dynamic startup in the presentation management sector, embarked on a journey to create their web-based application and establish a distinctive brand identity. Our collaboration with Nuvue began in 2020, and since then, we have been their development partner for two iterations of their React-based technology platform. In addition to development and maintenance, we've played a pivotal role in shaping their brand and online presence, fostering growth through various marketing initiatives.

Puppy Club

Awesonova, a company dedicated to crafting captivating digital experiences, approached us with a visionary project: Puppy Club. In this case study, we explore how we transformed Awesonova's concept into a fully-realized digital product, including a gaming application targeted at children aged 4-7. Our journey began with a strong market demand for a puppy-themed gaming app and a well-defined concept, laying the foundation for an exciting creative collaboration.

SOCi Health Check

SOCi, a prominent provider of social media management platforms, recognized the need for a more efficient client prospecting tool for their sales team. In this case study, we unveil the development of the Social Health Check, an automated social audit tool that significantly reduced prospecting time, integrated seamlessly into the Salesforce pipeline, and provided visually compelling reports to empower the sales team's client engagement efforts.

We don't confine ourselves to a fixed framework; instead, we embrace the ever-evolving landscape of technology

People often ask us about our preferred development platform. We don't have a set answer; instead, we assess each task and determine the best path. If it's unfamiliar, we quickly learn it.

A few common platforms for us are:




Node JS



Their blend of creative, technology has helped shaped the way we sell our products.

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Questions, anyone?

We value transparency, here are common FAQs.

Do you have a specific focus in your development projects?

Our doors are open to diverse challenges, but the majority of our work revolves around website development and crafting personalized lead generation tools. If it's the right fit for our business, we're also keen on taking on application development projects.

Could you describe your approach to development projects?

Our development process is a well-established formula that has proven effective over the years. It commences with defining the scope of work and gaining a deep understanding of your business objectives for the development project. Next, we transition into the wireframing and strategy phase, where we create mock flows for your digital experience. Subsequently, we move on to the design stage, and once we've aligned conceptually and visually, we proceed to production.

What range of development project sizes do you handle?

We work with clients of all sizes, ranging from startups with smaller website projects to enterprise-level brands developing complex solutions.

What's the average duration for development projects?

Development projects usually entail longer timelines in contrast to content creation. On average, our turnaround time falls within the 3 to 5 months range, varying based on the project's complexity. It's worth noting that all development projects undergo a thorough design and prototyping phase before any coding commences.

Which technology stacks are your go-to choices?

Our technology choices are driven by the specific project requirements and the client's budget. For fast-turnaround, smaller budget projects, we often opt for platforms like Wordpress or Webflow. When dealing with larger, growth-focused initiatives, we harness technology stacks such as Django, React, or Gatsby. Ultimately, the choice is tailored to the unique needs and budget of each project.

Need development support?

Whether you're a burgeoning startup seeking to establish your online presence or an established enterprise brand aiming to expand your operations, we're eager to hear about your project.